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Burley Kazoo Tag-Along

Stock Sizes Specifications
1 12"
Frame: Handcrafted TIG welded ChroMoly frame with over-axle pivot that screws and latches onto “Moose Rack.” Superior handling and stability. 20x1.75 tire. 19 lbs. Single speed.  For kids from about age 3 to about ten.  Allows kids to pedal and contribute when they want to or just sit there and go along for the ride.  Often a better option then renting a kids bike because it doesn't slow down the rest of the family and allows everybody to bike the entire Coastal Trail.  Also frequently a better option than putting child in a trailer because exercise burns off energy facilitating sleep in the evening during long Alaskan summer days. 

Burley Piccolo Tag-Along

Alaska Bike Rentals Anchorage Stock Sizes Specifications
2 12"
Same as Kazoo only with a six-speed grip shift and cassette.  This is what the tag-along looks like hooked up to an adult bike with a moose rack.

Burley Solo & Encore

Alaska Bike Rentals Anchorage Stock Seats Specifications
1 1 Tinted windows, 5-point safety harness, rear cargo area.
Solo: 16 lbs, 60 lb carrying capacity.  Holds one child.

Encore: 20 lbs, 100 lb carrying capacity. Holds two children.
1 2

Alaska Bike Rentals Anchorage

BOB IBEX: 1st day: $20, each extra day: $10.
Or for one week - $70.

Swing-arm long enough for up to a 29" wheel

Alaska Bike Rentals Anchorage

BOB YAK: 1st day: $15, each extra day $7.50.
Or for one week - $50.

Swing-arm will fit on bike with 26" wheel only.


Burley Flattbed Cargo Trailer

$15 for the first day, $7.50 for each additional day.  Or for one week - $50.
Stock Sizes Specifications

The Flatbed bike cargo trailer is the utilitarian choice for pulling loads of up to 100 lbs.
The trailer’s balance point minimizes torque on the bike.
This allows the two wheel chassis to provide much better tracking and stability than a BOB trailer.
The open front, back and top of the trailer make it easy to carry items of almost any size.

6061-T6 Aluminum Frame.
Two wheel chassis and Burley hitch system provide superior tracking and stability.
16″ spoked alloy wheels with push button release for quick removal.
Compact fold flattens trailer for storage and transportation.
Hitches through the skewer so compatible with a Fat or Plus bike.
Flex Connector allows bike to lay flat while trailer remains upright.