Downtown Bicycle RENTAL, Sales and Repair

November/Winter Hours: Open: 10 am - Close: 6 pm. Open Every Day

Downtown Bicycle Rental


Open Every Day From 8 am - 10 pm.

333 W. 4th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501



26” or 700 tubes - $9.

27.5 or 29er tube - $12.


Plus or Fat tube - $20.      

Install tube - $5.


Spokes and Wheels

Replace spoke - $15 first spoke, $10 for second, $5 third subsequent spokes.


          $5 - 10 for most wheel trues depending on how long it takes.

Drive Train


Sram PC 850 chain - $24.       Sram or Sunrace  8 speed cassette - $29.


PC 951 chain - $25.                 PG 950 cassette - $45.

PC 1051 Chain - $35.              PG 1050 11-36 Cassette - $75.

Install chain & cassette - $10.  (Gear adjustment included.)

Cables & Housing


Shift or Brake cable – $5.  Housing - $4 per foot.

Install New Shift or Brake Cable and Housing -  $25 for first one; $20 for second one; $15 for third.  $10 for fourth. Adjustment included.

Quick adjust - $5 - $10 depending on how long it takes.




Set of basic brake pads - $8.  Installation - $6.  ($14 total.)

Bottom Bracket

Square taper bottom bracket - $20 - $30.


Install bottom bracket - $20.



$50.  Thoroughly inspect all moving parts and components.  Adjust front and rear shifters and brakes.  Check/true front and rear wheels.  Check/adjust hubs and headset.  Check/adjust bottom bracket.  Lube chain.  Clean bike.


Note about tune-ups.  Paying for individual repairs provides more bang for your buck than a "tune-up."  Much of the cost of a tune-up is cleaning time which requires no tools and bike owners can do themselves. However if you want us to do it, we charge $50 for a tune-up.


Bike Cleaning.


Note about bike cleaning.  "Cleaning the bike adds to its life and performance by removing dirt, grime, salt and grit.  Washing also allows you to more closely inspect the frame and component parts.  Keeping the bike clean also adds to one's feeling of wellbeing.  Although cleaning helps the bike's performance, overzealous washing and rinsing can wash out grease from bearings." Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair," Park Tool Company, page 190.