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Downtown Bicycle Rental


Open Every Day From 8 am - 10 pm.
(Including Memorial Day)

333 W. 4th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501


This trail meanders from the University to south Anchorage.  In October 2013 a new section of trail opened under the Seward Highway.  In addition to expanding the highway from two lanes to three, four bridges were raised over the creek for the trail.  This project demonstrates the commitment state and local government has to bicycle infrastructure. Cyclists no longer have to duck and portage their bikes under the bridges.  After going under the highway and biking south for about three miles, we suggest the following three routes. 

A.  Detour to Baseball Batting Cage: Exit trail on left before fishhook lamp. Take a left onto the sidewalk and ride against traffic on Dimond to King Street. Right on King. Batting cage is one mile south on King Street just before 100th Ave.  Next choose between B and C.

B. Pull the Plug:
 From fishhook lamp backtrack toward Taku Lake. After covered picnic table, take first left onto long elevated wooden bridge. At traffic light, ride north behind sound barrier on midtown bike path buffered from C Street. This trail is a straight shot back downtown. Consider short detour to Midtown Park and Loussac Library. (Right on 40th or 38th.) 

C. Return Downtown on Coastal Trail or Around Float Plane Base:
Continue past fishhook lamp along trail. Trail meanders with creek. Exit trail at Banjo Drive and West (If you find yourself on Dimond Blvd, retrace to last fork and go other way.) Ride west on W. 88th to Jewell Lake Road. Next choose 1 or 2 below.
    1.  Coastal Trail: Cross Jewell Lake Road and take a left. (Use bike path on west side of road.) Right on Dimond. Right on Sand Lake Rd. Ride about 2 miles. Left on Raspberry Rd. Ride on bike path buffered from road against traffic. Trail connects to Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. (Slow down hill.) Return downtown.
    2. Around Float Plane Base: If you want to return downtown quicker and ride around the float plane base, see Alternate Return Route on Tony Knowles Coastal Trail page.